Straight-Flo Separator



Straight-Flo Separator
The AMKCO Straight-Flo separator offers high capacity wet or dry trash screening / scalping in a low profile and compact design. Twin vibrator motors mounted externally 180 degrees apart allow required headroom to be reduced considerably, making for easy in line installation in existing process lines, where overhead space is at a premium, and on-size product drops directly down to the next process.

High volume scalping requires a design where the material moves quickly through the screen and out of the separator. The innovative «Straight-Flo» design allows the bottom outlet to be located directly beneath the top inlet enabling screened material to pass straight through the machine at very high rates.

Recommended for high volume dry scalping or high volume wet filtering. Available in all model sizes. 8 sizes from 18″ diameter to 84″ diameter.